Welcoming Refugees

Refugees have come a long way before they arrive in the United States, surviving persecution, harsh living conditions, a denial of basic freedoms, and a lack of the opportunity that defines our country. Yet they have persevered, and have taken the courageous step of leaving a familiar environment to make a new home in another land. They are willing to work for a better life for themselves and their children, as those Americans born in the United States do.

Refugees are succeeding in the United States, and their success is the country's too: people with different skills and talents working together to create a better community. Learning about refugees, welcoming them, and perhaps even extending a hand to help them resettle and adjust, is a way to strengthen ties between neighbors and build a safer, happier home for all.

See the Welcoming Refugees sections to the left to learn more about refugee populations, watch videos of resettled refugees speaking about their hopes and concerns, and see examples of how different communities are working to increase understanding of refugees, why they come, and what they have to offer.