Videos are a thought-provoking and powerful way to present information about refugees, their challenges, and their strengths. COR Center videos are comprised of interviews with resettled refugees, using their own words to share their thoughts and experiences.

Each video is designed to be used by multiple audiences, for a variety of purposes. A service provider may watch a video to learn about, or deliver orientation to, a particular ethnic group, while a member of that ethnic group may watch the video to hear from peers who have resettled before them. Similarly, arriving refugees may watch the Welcome to the United States video to learn about the process of resettlement and about life in the United States, while a member of a receiving community may watch selections of that video to consider how to make refugees more comfortable in their new homes.

As such, we recommend that you consider the purpose for which you would like to view a video, and select from the following options:

Videos for Learning About Refugees

Videos for Providing Orientation to Refugees

Videos for Refugees

Videos for Welcoming Refugees