Refugee Seniors

Learn about refugee seniors through the following COR Center resources:

Refugee Seniors in the United States video: This 11-minute video is comprised of interviews with refugee seniors from Burma, Bhutan, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan, this video highlights the challenges and successes refugee seniors face in their resettlement and adjustment to life in the United States.

Providing Orientation to Refugee Seniors: Tips and Strategies: This four-page digest provides information about refugee seniors and guidance as to how to involve them in orientation, use effective instructional methods for older learners with lower levels of formal education, and encourage them to engage in ESL classes and broader community activities.

Webinar - Orientation of Refugee Seniors: This September 2010 webinar discusses promising practices for providing orientation and facilitating the adjustment of refugee seniors; overseas Cultural Orientation activities regarding seniors’ resettlement and adjustment and the response observed in CO classes; meeting the needs of refugee seniors once they have arrived in the U.S.; and the activities and services provided to seniors and how those facilitate orientation and adjustment

The Images: Refugee Seniors gallery shows photos of refugee seniors in a variety of settings, primarily in the United States.

A Refugee Senior Case Study: This case study of a refugee senior from Burma resettled in the U.S. several years ago is accompanied by a lesson plan to facilitate reflection and discussion of how refugees might address the issues and opportunities that arose in one person's experience.

The Refugee Elders Program conducted by Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc., and The Elders Program operated by Kentucky Refugee Ministries and Catholic Charities in Louisville, KY describe the structure and content of their orientation provision and other service delivery to refugee seniors.