Video for Welcoming Darfuri Refugees


Transcript of Darfuri Refugees in the United States video (English)

Reflection Questions: Welcoming Darfuri Refugees

1. What is the biggest challenge the refugees in the video talk about?  Why do you think this is the most difficult challenge for refugees new to the U.S.?

2. What did the refugees say were the most important things to improve their lives in the U.S.?  Why do you think these things are cited as most important by refugees who have been living in the U.S. for a while?

3. How do the children describe school in the U.S.?  What comparisons did they make to going to school in Chad or Sudan?  Does it sound like the changes have been positive?  If you were their parents, how would you feel about the changes your children are going through?

4. How do the refugees in the video get around?  How do they run errands and get things done?  What transportation options are available in your community?  How would refugees in your community get tasks accomplished outside of the home?

5. What types of jobs do the refugees in the video hold?  What did they say about their jobs?  What is important to the refugees who talked about their jobs?